Gas Appliances Safety In Your Home

11 June 20

Gas Appliance Safety Tips In Your Home

Be aware of gas poisoning - With the winter months upon us , we will have our heaters on the go! If your heater or it's flue isn't working properly , this will affect the air in your home, leaving it usafe, potentiallly causing you fatigue or even short of breath. You may develop headaches,nausea, dizziness, weakness & even confusion. If you are feeling any of these symptoms and you suspect it's from your heater, turn it off immediately & call a Licenced Gasfitter to have a look.

Be mindful of gas leaks - Natural gas has an odorant added before being piped for use in houses, in turn, you can identify a gas leak by it's smell. If you smell gas in your home, it's possibly a gas leak. Turn off the gas at the meter immediately and call a Licenced Gasfitter to check over the installation.

Pilot lights & main burners - They should produce a blue flame. If you see a red or yellow flame , call the manufacturer or a Licenced Gasfitter

Gas heaters: how a flame should appear - When gas heater is in operation check the appearance of the radiant.A flame that is beyond the immediate surface of the tile , could indicate it's faulty, and could be emitting carbon monoxide into the air , which is unsafe to breathe.If this is the case switch it off and contact a Licenced Gasfitter

Servicing appliances & keeping them clean - Ensure all your gas appliances are serviced regularly in accordance with their manufacturer's guidelines. Ovens & hot plates can have a build up of burnt food or fat, so ensure you clean them down after use. 

Keep all flammables away - Flammable material, clothes, papers & aerosols must be kept far away from the gas appliances,along with ensuring any ventilation openings are not to be blocked or covered, as this is a fire hazard.

Take care when igniting - Don't turn the gas knob up to full before igniting it

Use one gas source & don't tamper with safety valves or other fittings - Operating a gas appliance on the wrong type of gas can be extremely hazardous. 

Supervise young children - watch young kids around all gas appliances 

Outdoor gas appliances to be operated outdoors - barbecues and other camping equipment must be used outdoors, not indoors




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