Corporate Members

CompanyContact NamePhone Number
Albany Creek Gas Fitting & Plumbing Website Corey Stevens 0430551217
APT Management Services Pty Ltd Website Matt Newton 07 3215 6600
Australian Gas Networks Website Tracy Shayler 0438708798
Aylward Plumbing Services Website Peter Aylward 4633 0202
Bush Air Refrigeration and Electrical Dan Bush 0407353606
Caravan Trade & Industries Association of QLD Website Jason Plant 0738621833
Chris Vella Plumbing & Gas Fitting Website Chris Vella 0749526414
Dial Before You Dig Website Paul Newman 0417619630
Gas Components Australia Website David Cudmore 07 3255 9255
Hughes Plumbing Contractors Website Benjamin Hughes 0406288142
Master Plumbers Association of Queensland Website Penny Cornah 07 3273 0800
Plumbing & Gas Australia Pty Ltd Website Shaun Barry 0746154299
Shellby Power Ptd Ltd Website Nick Ramsay 07 3290 4355
Viega Pty Ltd Website Jason Tolman 0288582600


Anyone who undertakes Gas work must have a current Queensland Gas Work License (Type A) or Queensland Gas Work Authorisation (Type B) issued by the Chief Inspector, Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate, Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Gas Work Licenses (Type A):   Domestic and small commercial
Gas Work Authorisation (Type B): Large commercial and industrial

To ensure that you are using a licensed Gas Fitter, please click here

The company or person must also hold the appropriate contractor's license issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Information on the contractor's license can be found on the QBCC website.