Individual Members

Brisbane Metro

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Jason Russell
Paul Antonelli
Douglas Bates
Jason Cox
Kyle Russell
Marshall Holmes
Patrick Coelho
Darren Clothier
Toby Bebbington
Steven Perry
Brett Lawrence
Peter Carroll
Joshua Wust

North Brisbane

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Michael Davenport
Steff Gall
Matthew Elson
Joshua Wust

South Brisbane

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Jason Russell
Davor Erceg
Brett Lawrence
Patrick Robertson
Paul Le Bas
Danny Platt

Gold Coast

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John Raftos
James Creedy
Matt Fisher
Guy Rooth
James Mahon

Sunshine Coast

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Matthew Leadle
Christopher Hutton
Paul Beaumont
Jon Gutke
Stephen Cook
Grant Ruane
San Jaug Pa
John Hohn
Mark George

Lockyer Region

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Russell McCarthy
Brendan Winter

Area outside of South East Qld

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Anthony McGrory
Jonathon Dolley
Matthew Parkinson
Heath Wilson
Peter Gleeson
Chris Mackay
Richard Seal
Adam Tinus


Anyone who undertakes Gas work must have a current Queensland Gas Work License (Type A) or Queensland Gas Work Authorisation (Type B) issued by the Chief Inspector, Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate, Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Gas Work Licenses (Type A):   Domestic and small commercial
Gas Work Authorisation (Type B): Large commercial and industrial

To ensure that you are using a licensed Gas Fitter, please click here

The company or person must also hold the appropriate contractor's license issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Information on the contractor's license can be found on the QBCC website.